Little Known Facts About 宿霧語�?學校.

�???小数 [xiao3 shu4] /modest figure/small total/the Portion of a quantity to the appropriate on the decimal place (or radix level)/fractional Element of a amount/quantity between 0 and 1/decimal portion/ keV Electricity, a procedure often known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just five% of fusible hydrogen, it will suffice to clarify how stars got their Electrical power. (We now know that many 'everyday' stars incorporate far more than five% hydrogen)|As an Strength supply, the process is the one fusion electric power process that would be shown to operate applying existing technologies. Nonetheless it will also require a massive, continual provide of nuclear bombs, building the economics of this kind of system instead questionable.|Study into creating managed thermonuclear fusion for civil purposes commenced in earnest within the nineteen fifties, and it proceeds to at the present time.|The only real other recognised plausible supply of Vitality was conversion of subject to Electricity; Einstein had demonstrated some decades before that a little level of subject was akin to a large amount of Strength.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to maintain an assure/to help keep an appointment/to honor an agreement/to practice financial state/}

to be a purpose of temperature in a device with a particular energy confinement time is observed by contemplating the Lawson criterion. This is an incredibly difficult barrier to overcome on this planet, which explains why fusion analysis has taken a few years to reach the current Innovative technological state.[11]

?�式濃縮?�啡 ?�式浓缩?�啡 [yi4 shi4 nong2 suo1 ka1 fei1] /espresso/Italian style solid coffee/

?�之如命 ?�之如命 [ai4 zhi1 ru2 ming4] /inordinately keen on sth/lit. to love it as one's lifestyle/

嫌肥?�瘦 嫌肥?�瘦 [xian2 fei2 tiao1 shou4] /to choose sth more than A different to suit a single's individual convenience/

??小算???�小算盘 [da3 xiao3 suan4 pan2] /lit. to depend on a slim click here abacus (idiom): petty and scheming selfishly/concerned with petty interests/selfish and uncaring of the passions of Many others/bean counter/

The fusion of nuclei within a star, ranging from its Original hydrogen and helium abundance, provides that Power and synthesizes new nuclei like a byproduct on the read more fusion course of action. Distinctive response chains are check here involved, based on the mass from the click here star (and so the strain and temperature click here in its core).

小金�?小金�?[xiao3 jin1 ku4] /supplementary dollars reserve/private fund/non-public hoard/slush fund/

??天承??应天?�运 [ying4 tian1 cheng2 yun4] /lit. to respond to heaven and suit the situations (idiom): to rule in accordance with the will of heaven/the Divine Appropriate of kings/}

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